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A maison d'hôtes

In this grand, traditional, pisé (clay-built) house built on the edge of the palm-grove, come to discover and savour the “magic” of living in harmony with your self and in unison with the environment. Thanks to the pisé habitat – the harmony and serenity that emanate from it – spirituality and sensuality come together, exterior and interior reconciled.

Be aware
Dar Raha has no room with toilets and shower inside :
each cluster of rooms has its own toilets and showers next to the bedrooms.
At Dar Raha you will also find a yard,
two lounges and a garden in the palm-grove, behind the house.


In Dar Raha you enjoy free access to Wifi and Internet connection !
At Dar Raha, you can pay by credit card :
Visa, Master Card, Maestro, CMI, JCB & Diners Club.

You are looking for a well identifiable hotel in an area marked out for tourists ? Dar Raha is not what you are looking for !

From outside, Dar Raha is just one house of the village like the others, to witch you access via an alley like the others. But as soon as you are inside...
certainly, Dar Raha is not like the others !


This old family house, at the heart of the village of Amezrou, has been renovated with local artisans, offering comfortable bedrooms (some with private terrace) and access to a range of communal interior, open-air or shaded spaces, such as a courtyard, salons, patios and terraces, situated on three different levels, and whose use varies according to the season.

Integrated into the local neighbourhood, Dar Raha is at the same time an island of calm, an oasis of freshness and serenity at the bottom of the Zagora mountain, in the vicinity of the ancient Kasbah (fortified village), within walking distance of the palm-grove.

The accommodation at Dar Raha includes nine bedrooms, terraces and inner coursives, and a top terrace from which to gaze at the village, the qsar, the djebel Zagora, and the wonderful sunsets over the palm-grove. There is also a yard with arcades; a convivial lounge with games, magazines, books, chimney, and a “culture lounge”, with an exhibition of local works of art and books on the society and culture of South Morocco.

A table d'hôtes

Dar Raha offers its guests a range of delicious traditional, original meals exploiting the wealth of the souq (local market) – cooked vegetable salads, spiced vegetable creams, dates, apples, oranges, tasteful tagines – as well as home-made date cakes, marmalades and jams, butter, cheese and bread.

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A place of rest

As its name says, Dar Raha offers, under the protection of its thick pisé walls, a serene space, a restful island of calm, a retreat from which to meditate, study, write, read, and dream. It is a comfortable base from which to explore the local surroundings and to discover the splendid Dra valley and the desert at your own pace.

A place for encounters and discoveries

From the moment they arrive, guests at Dar Raha will have countless opportunities for encounters and discoveries: from local cooking or henna body painting to the discovery of the kasbah and the impressive history of the Dra valley; from entering the unique atmosphere of the palm-grove to understanding the tough realities of life in present times...

During your stay, take the time to enjoy the silence under the palm trees... to understand how a palm-grove works... to contemplate the panorama from the top of the Zagora djebel and grasp its historical importance... to venture into the golden desert and bivouac with local, experienced and friendly guides... to visit local artists in their workshops, meet local artisans, to contact local development associations... to visit the souq and the ancient Islamic library of Tamgrout...


There are plenty of opportunities to do walks, rides and visits !
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